Check Uptime of Your Favorite Social Networks

Are you a social network addict ? Then you must have faced this problem before. Your favorite social networking site was not available for you when you tried to access it. The site may be experiencing a downtime.

Social DownorNot is an one stop uptime checker for all your favorite social networking sites. All you hae to do is just head to Social DownorNot and check the Uptime status of your favorite Social Networks.

The best part of this site is that, apart from saying the status of the main site, it also tells the status of a site’s API. for example, if the twitter main site is working good, but the API is having problems, then none of the twitter clients would work properly. So this site has a two in one advantage, checks the Uptime status of the main site as well as the API.


Social DownorNot also displays the uptime status of social networks for the past 7 days along with graphs and maps.

The above graphs and map depict the uptime status of facebook. So the next time your favorite social network is facing a downtime, check it out for yourself at Social DownorNot.

Try Social DownorNot and write your reviews here 🙂