6 Sites to Check Your Internet Connection Speed

Our Internet Service Providers, promise us to give 2Mbps, 4Mbps or whatever you may call it. But, practically we don’t get it. So, you should check your internet connection speed to make sure that you get at least something close to what you are paying for. So here we’ve listed 6 sites that would help you check your internet connection speed.

There are hundreds of sites that help you do this. But we’ve listed only the best rated. Almost all sites work alike, they ping a nearest server and then download and upload a sample file to test your connection speed. Some give more statistics, while some work on different platforms. Take a look at them for yourself and choose the best one based on your experience.

#1 SpeedTest

Without any doubt, it is the most used one. Speedtest pings a closest server to you and uploads and downloads a sample file. It also let you review your ISP and shows others’ reviews. They’ve mobile apps too, so that you can check your internet connection speed in your mobile. Sharing your results with your friends is also using speedtest. It has many servers all around the world, so you could always find something closer to you. You can also provide them with servers if you are interested.

#2 DSL Reports

DSL Reports has multiple speed tests. One based on flash, one on Java, JavaScript speed test for mobile phones and another basic mobile phone speed test and lot more. It is one of the most advanced and comprehensive speed tests. Though the servers are present mostly in US, It gives you a close to accurate results.


#3 Speakeasy Speedtest

Speakeasy speedtest is also based on the same software that is used on speedtest.net. However speedtest is owned by Ookla, the company which owns the software., but speakeasy speedtest is run by a separate company. The results are almost same, since they use the same methods. So, you can try any one of them.

#4 Pingtest

Pingtest is also a product of Ookla. But Pingtest is based on Java. So you need Java support so that you can run this web app. It works just like speedtest and has servers all around the world. It has a little more features than speedtest. It shows the packet sent/received data, packet loss %, jitter etcetera. It also rates your ISP on a grade basis.

#5 Speed.io

Speed.io functions just like the others. It has a different interface though. It shows the browser you are using and the number of connects in the connection. Useful, if you want to know the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

#6 TestMy

TestMy works in the same principle like SpeedTest. It displays your speed in an ECG like format. So you can witness the ups and downs in the process. It works fine.

Check your internet connection speed often to make sure you are not being exploited. You can use any of this service as a proof, while arguing with them. All of them are trusted services, used by millions all over the world.

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