Chrome Extension to See Facebook Smileys in Posts and Comments

Smileys have always proved to be really rocking in the WWW world we live. When one wants to express one’s feelings, the smileys have always proved to be great friends and make things easier for the person to convey the message. As known to all, Facebook has got a huge collection of smileys that the users can use. Until now, the Facebook users are mostly prone to be using the smileys only in the chat. But, have you ever figured out an actual way to display those smileys in the wall posts, News Feed and in the comments?


That’s where this article is headed to. A small search in the Chrome Web Store reverted me with an awesome extension called the Facebook Smileys from Shan that will display smileys while using Facebook from that computer, once installed. It would be really rocking and fun to see those colorful smileys in the News Feed and comments, right? They are certain to make the Facebook’ing experience more fun than ever! The extension is available at Facebook Smileys.

Once you type the code for a particular smiley in a post or a comment, the code will automatically get converted to the corresponding, colorful smiley. Please make sure to use the right code for those smileys. The entire list of the Facebook smileys is available at Facebook Smileys. Check out and use them while Facebook’ing. I suggest bookmarking that article for future reference.

Note : Please note that you won’t be able to see those colorful smileys when you are using Facebook from another computer. Since the extension is installed in your computer, the smileys won’t be seen in another computer until you install the extension in that computer too.

And for the Mozilla Firefox or any other browser users, please stay tuned with Axleration. I’ll make sure to bring you add-ons or extensions for your favorite browser very soon. And also, if you come across any such tool, make sure to ping me in the comments section. 🙂

Something Extra!

And also, here is something else to cheer your chatting experience in Facebook. It was a few months back when Facebook rolled out a pretty cool feature to display the profile pictures as the smileys in chat. And also, we blogged about a tool that will convert any text to awesome smileys. Do check them out and have more fun with chatting on Facebook.