2 Chrome Extensions To Capture Screenshots

When it comes to blogging, images become an integral part of the articles we write. They give a better look to the articles. One image can convey a lot of information. Moreover if you are giving out tutorials, the usage of screen shots prove to be really helpful to the readers.


So how do you normally capture the images? Do you use the “Prt Scr” button available in your keyboard and then paste the image in paint or any other photo editing software. Instead of doing so, if you using Google Chrome, you can make use of two chrome extensions with which you can capture images and edit it, save it later and use in your blog articles. So now, the two extensions.

1) Screen Capture (by Google)

  • Extension by the internet giant, Google.
  • Save images in PNG format. No other formats known till now.
  • Capture the full page or a small part or the visible content.
  • This extension is super fast when capturing the whole page.
  • Does not capture the floating images many times. It will capture only once.
  • Can edit the image before saving the image – Can blur, redact, add text and also highlight something.
  • Sharing the image to Facebook, Picasa and Sina Microblog made possible.
  • Total number of users : 358,700
  • Screen Capture on Chrome Web Store

2) Awesome Screenshot – (by Diigo.com)

  • Extension by Diigo.com
  • Image formats available – Only PNG
  • Able to capture full page or part of the page.
  • Can edit the images after capturing like in Screen Capture
  • Tools available for editing – Rectangle, Eclipse, Arrow, Line, Free line, Blur
  • Can add text to the images
  • Two types of saving options available – Can save either temporarily on Awesomescreenshot.com or save permanently on diigo.com . To save permanently you can make use of your Google account. Also saving to computer option available.
  • Can crop the captured image and save it.
  • Total number of users : 428,490
  • Awesome Screenshot: Capture and Annotate on Chrome Web Store

So which one do you like? I am using Screen Capture by Google and I am quite satisfied with it. I would like to hear your voices on these two extensions. So do drop comments below.