CNN to Buy Mashable for $200+ Million?

The entire web is abuzz with that rumor that popular news giant is about to make an acquisition of Mashable by paying over 200+ million. If the rumors are true, this turns out to be the biggest ever known tech news acquisition for such a huge money. But unfortunately, both the teams have refused to talk about this fast spreading rumor. Until any site makes it official announcement, this information continues to be a mere rumor and leaves both the fans with much anticipation to hear the official announcement.


This information comes from Felix Salmon of Reuters who said in a report that an unnamed source has tipped of this fact that Mashable is to be bought by CNN for a stunning 200 million. Also, the rumor added that an announcement is said to be made on Tuesday, that’s today. But the spokespeople of both the companies have denied that an announcement is set to be made today.

As we all know Mashable is a really popular name known among the geeks. The site covers everything ranging from funny YouTube videos to the latest released gadget in this tech world. Started by Pete Cashmore in the year 2005, the site is ranked at 202, as of today, in terms of Alexa and attracts over 20 million views each month. Stunning, right?

If the rumors are true, this could be the biggest acquisition made by CNN ever. Previously CNN was seen to be buying Zite, a popular iPad magazine publisher for a month between $20 million and $25 million and now, this one seems to be several times larger than the previous one. And if you remember well, TechCrunch, yet another tech news site popular in this web was bought by AOL months back for $25 million and this one, CNN’s acquisition of Mashable, seems to be the biggest for a tech news site by far.

What’s your thoughts fellas? Do you think CNN is possibly on the verge of acquiring Mashable for a stunning $200 milion? Do drop in your thoughts in the comments section.