Co-Founder of Intel, Robert Noyce, Google Doodle’d

Noticed today’s Google doodle? The doodle sports a computer chip dedicated to Late Robert Noyce’s, co-founder of Intel, 84th birthday. The doodle has the company’s name Google embedded in the center of the microchip. Robert Noyce marked the emergence of the first persons to work in this field of the science technology.


Also, known as Bob by several people out there, he co-founded Intel, the American semiconductor chip maker along with Gordon Moore in the year 1968. It is reported that the company was set to named Moore Noyce dedicating the name to the company’s co-founders. At last, the company was finally named Intel, which is now a popular name among the geeks living out there in this tech world.

Before starting Intel, Robert Noyce is said to have worked at Fairchild semiconductor, which too was co-founded by him in the year 1957. It is said that, Robert Noyce along with Jack Kilby invented the integrated circuit also known as microprocessor, which now serves as the main food for the modern computers of this world.

Robert Noyce was nicknamed as The Mayor Of Silicon Valley. He was born on December 12, 1927. He passed away to the heavenly abode on June 3, 1990 due to heart failure

Google doodles, are a part and parcel of the internet giant, Google. Google is notable for designing popular doodles dedicating them to the popular scientists and artists. Google doodles, tracks back it’s origin to the first doodle made ever Burning Man Festival made on August 30, 1998.