Commemorating 20 Years of Linux [Infographic]

Linux is an Open source Operating System, which has marked its 20th anniversary this year. This wonderful operating system was started by Linus Torvalds in 1991 and it is 20 years since then. Linux has passed through various phases in its developments. Now it has evolved into an fully matured operation system from an amateur operating system.


Linux holds a major share in the supercomputer and server market. The Linux desktop version has much to achieve now. Though it has alternatives for almost all popularly used software applications, there are a few hurdles that are preventing it from reaching the masses. These hurdles have to be removed.

This infographic marks the important milestones of Linux in the past 20 years.


Linux now powers the top 10 fastest super computers in the world. Forms the brains of many consoles and it is the base for the now popular mobile operating system, Android – created by Google and used by millions of users across the globe. Linux is one of the greatest achievements in the past two decades in the computer world.

Linux is well known for its customization. Linux comes in variety of distributions from different companies and since it is open source, you can modify each and every part of it to suite your needs.

Check out this video, which recollects the events that happened over these past 20 years in Linux’s history.

If you are a Linux user, share your experiences in these years, using Linux. Check the official site for the celebration of the 20th year of linux.