How to Configure Outlook 2010 for Yahoo Mail Users?

Your previous trouble is simply for the fact that Yahoo has its unique security feature that does not allow all third party mail programs for a Yahoo email server connection using a free account. This step requires a premium account.

The previous versions requires you to purchase a Yahoo Business Email Account or a Yahoo Mail Plus account. Technological advancements and innovations in online communication opened all doors to every possibility. Now, you can easily upgrade your personal Yahoo email account to either a Yahoo Business email account or a Yahoo Mail Plus account.

The difference in the features of these two Yahoo upgrade options lies on the user’s specific needs. If you are using Yahoo mail for email marketing and growing a wide variety of niches and websites for a huge online business, then getting a Yahoo Business Email account is the ideal choice for you. A Yahoo Mail Plus account is preferable for managing teams and handling email for smaller businesses and organizations.

Configuring Outlook 2010 for Yahoo is almost the same for these two premium accounts. The process and instructions are very simple and quick to accomplish. You just have to follow the prompts and the systematic guide online for a faster set-up. This only requires the user’s average technical skills coupled with your ability to follow all instructions accurately. If you are fond of installing various software packages to your PC or even modifying software features based on your preferences, then you will not have any problem configuring Yahoo mail for Outlook 2010.

Yahoo Outlook 2010 configuration and modification vary from every operating system and software features that you are using. Switching to Yahoo Mail Plus Account and the amazing Yahoo Business Email Account is as easy and fast as following instructions in its simplest terms.

There are various E-mail services present over the net to give us a quality services and a huge amount of space in which we keep our personal messages or emails. The major email services are Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and many other services like that. Well we are going to discuss here about Yahoo Mail service and will going to tell you about how you may close or delete your Yahoo Mail account.

This is happening most of the time that people creates multiple e-mail accounts on Yahoo and after using them for a certain amount of time they need to close those account, so what exactly they need to do to delete or remove their Yahoo Email accounts, for this just follow the given steps.

How to Delete/Remove Permanently Your Yahoo E-Mail Account:-


    • First of all just navigate to or and then login to your account.


    • After login to your account just open up or paste the following address into your browser address bar: in order to terminating or delete your Yahoo Mail Account.


    • After navigating to the above link you will be ask for enter your password of Yahoo account along with the security code which you may see in the below image.


    • Now after entering your password and security check code just Click on Yes “Terminate this Account” button, and your account will going to be delete after this step. But you need to be very careful because once your account is set for deletion then it cannot be recovered again.

That’s it you have done it:)


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