Create a Facebook Cover Photo Illusion

With the introduction of the Timeline, came Cover photos. Cover photos are like your profile picture in steroids. They give you more space to show something from your life. However, if you want to stand out of the crowd and are not interested in showing a scene or a quote and want to do something cool with that space, you can now.

You can use make your cover photo and profile picture to work in unison and create a wonderful illusion with that. Pick out a part of the timeline as it was a jigsaw puzzle piece and make it your profile picture and lot more. When Facebook introduced a new layout of showing tagged pics, we showed you how to make it cool. Now let’s make our timelines much cooler.


Combine Cover Photo and Profile Picture to Make it Look Like One

  1. Head out to TrickedOutTimeline. Scroll down and click on Merge Profile and Cover Photo.
  2. You’ll be asked to upload a picture from your computer. Timeline dimensions are 851 X 315, so make sure you upload a picture of that proportions to make it look even cooler. You can also login to your Facebook account from there to choose your current profile picture.
  3.  Once the picture is uploaded, you can drag the selection to select which parts should be appearing on your profile picture as wel as your cover photo. You can see a live preview of it, side by side. Once done with it, click Done.
  4. If you haven’t liked their FB page before, you’ll be asked to like it now. You can’t bypass this step. So, do it.
  5. After you like the page, you can download the profile picture and the cover photo separately. Upload them to Facebook and check if it is okay for you.
  6. You are done now !

TrickedOutTimeline also has a few more cool stuff to do with your timeline, like creating a jigsaw puzzle out of the cover photo, create a  zooming effect, Tear off the bottom edge of the cover photo etcetera. Feel free to experiment with it and create cool Facebook cover photo illusions.

You can also use it for your brand’s Facebook pages, to make them more attractive and inviting. Try it out. If you came up with something totally out of the box, do share it with us too ! 😉

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