How To: Create Your Own Facebook Timeline Movie

Whether you have been a fan of the all new Facebook profile called Timeline or not, you will certainly find this post to be really interesting. A new Facebook application, calling itself the Timeline Movie Maker has been making records in this tech world. As the name denotes, the applications is capable of converting your Facebook Timeline profile to a creative, wonderful movie. The video highlight all those photos, videos which show those amazing times you had with your close pals.


While most of the Facebook geeks out there already are in love with the Timeline feature rolled out by Facebook, back at the f8 2011 conference, this new official application is set to make it much more awesome. As you might have noticed, this application is officially from Facebook. It is not a third party application created by some other folks. The application has been brought by Definition 6, under the leadership of the social networking giant Facebook. The footer at the bottom of the site confirms this fact with the line a collaborative project.

What are you waiting for? It’s now time for you to create your own Facebook Timeline movie with this awesome application named Timeline Movie Maker. As said earlier, the applications highlights some of those noteworthy pictures and videos. While the video features the front section, a stunning music, blending well with the video, starts playing at the back.

The video stars with the title A Glimpse of Arun Sathiya for me, while it is in this default format A Glimpse of Your Name. With this debuting at first the short movie begins from the bottom of your Timeline. On it’s way up, the movie shows all those photos and videos in different dynamic views. At the end, the movie ends, showing your Timeline cover. If you want to show that you are a geek, make sure to use any one of these geeky Facebook covers : 10 Geeky Facebook Covers That You Would Love

Once the movie comes to an end, you will get the option to share this awesome movie with your friends on Facebook or replay the movie, if you find it really tempting. Coupled with these featured, comes the opportunity to replace some of the dull, lame photos in the movie with interesting ones of yours shown at the bottom. Also, you can choose some other music. If you want to set a Romantic tune to the short movie, it is possible. More, inside the site.

What are you waiting for? Head to the site and create your brand new Timeline movie ! Make sure that you have enabled the Timeline profile in your Facebook account. Only then, you will find the application to be working. If you haven’t got the Timeline yet head to the About Timeline page and hit the get Timeline button at the bottom right. Or wait a few days to get the Timeline right from Facebook. As we reported previously, the Timeline is set to become the mandatory profile to all the Facebook users in a matter of days.