Create Your Own Themes For Chrome Browser

The Google Chrome browser can be a given a new look by applying a theme. The Google official theme gallery has a few themes, and you can search the web to find a few more themes. The Google themes are with the .crx extension. If you want to create your own theme for chrome, then there is a software which will help you do that.


The CRX theme creator helps you to create a personalized theme for your chrome browser. This can be done in a few mouse clicks.

Step by step procedure

1. Download CRX theme creator . This file name is  crxtheme.exe,  It is portable. Just double click to start the program.

2. Use a image editor like GIMP or Photoshop to create the images required for the theme. The images should be in .png format.

3. Choose the images and colors for your theme easily through the theme creator.

4. Click “View Theme” to look at a preview of your new theme (Warning – Close all chrome windows before clicking the button)

5. Click the “Pack Theme” button to pack your theme.  A file name theme.crx will be created and saved in the same directory in which your crxtheme.exe file is located.

If you have any doubts creating the theme take a look at the official Theme Creation Guide provided by the chromium project or the basic theme creation guide provided by the chrome pub.

Here is a demo theme created using the CRX theme creator.

Hope this tool helped you to create a new theme, Share them with us through the comments section. If you’ve any doubts in the process, let us know and we’ll help you out ! 😀

Update: This tool has been discontinued. It is not available at the official site. You might find it at a mirror site. Google it. But we are not sure about the security of the files downloaded from different sources.