Current State of the Big Four Social Media [Infographic]

The social networking sites out there have been growing larger and larger with each day passing. The number of members and other numeric figures in these sites have been multiplying a large by massive figures. There are a large number of social networking sites out there in this tech world. But the big four among all are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+


What’s the first thing that runs on your mind when you are asked to differentiate these sites? The answer would probably be based on the features in these different sites. But this infographic by Angela Nielsen of One Lily Creative Agency has something different to say. This infographic depicts the classification of the top four used social networking sites based on interesting numeric statistics of these sites.

The infographic sports a beautiful line “They say the proof is in the numbers. If that’s the case – then there is no denying that the social media is more powerful than ever, and growing faster and stronger every day.” which shows that the very existence of these social networking depends on the numeric figures.

As we can see below, Facebook rocks the social networking arena with a booming 800M users. Next comes Twitter in the second place closely followed by LinkedIn with 200M and 115M users respectively. The newest social networking site, Google+, has got around 50M users in just 2-3 months time. Check out the infographic for more numeric statistics.

Click the infographic for a bigger version of the infographic


Did you check out the full infographic? What’s your thought on this new infographic? Was it designed correctly? Were all the stats correct? Drop in comments below.