Now Play Cut the Rope in Any Major Browser With HTML5

Cut the Rope, as known to many gaming freaks out there, is a very popular, fun filled game that has been gracing the world of smartphone gaming for a while. Previously available for Android and iOS, now this game has been imported to the web too. Anyone on the web can now play this awesome game. As mentioned in the title, this game makes use of HTML5 and can be run in any major browser out there.


Microsoft, at the CES 2012, unveiled this new version of the game for the web platform, giving access to all those Cut the Rope fans. If you are new to this game, you would like to know that, this game is actually a physics based puzzle game. The objective of this game is that, you got to figure out the ways by cutting the rope and you have to get a candy inside the mouth of a small green monster. Alongside, you will also have to collect the stars shown in each level. The more stars you collect, the better your ranking.

This new version does not require any installation. It’s just that, you got to head to the site Cut the Rope and there lies the HTML5 version of the game. As reported, this game, coming from the tech giant Microsoft, comes with a pretty cool feature to popularize it’s latest official browser, Internet Explorer 9. While users playing this game with a non-Internet Explorer browser get access to 27 levels, those using Internet Explorer 9 will get a few addition, unique levels. Microsoft says that, users will have to try the game in IE9 and pin the game to the Windows 7 taskbar and voila!  There lie new levels in the game.

This version of the game has been brought together by Microsoft, Zepto Lab and Pixel Lab. As noticed, the game has been built entirely with HTML5 and those guys have done a commendable job in customizing the game for easy playing. If you haven’t given the game a go yet, make sure to play now. You will love it !