CyanogenMod – 8 Reasons to Love It

If you are hearing this word “Cyanogenmod” for the first time, then it is assured that you might mistake it as Android app.Few may even doubt it as an Android Theme ! (funny) .No worries, Here in this post I will deal with the most original form of Android- The CyanogenMod . yes, As the name suggests it is the original aftermarket firmware of the Open source Mobile Operating system- Android . It offers features that are not found in the Android OS installed along with the phone.


Android, as everyone knows is the hot topic among mobile users , especially Smartphone users. For ages , people where asking the price of the mobile phone, now people moved on to a new age, where the first question to the vendor would be, “Is it based on Android OS?’.

When you buy a mobile phone with Android OS , the brand which you buy, like Samsung, HTC etc.., customizes the Android OS for its own phone specifications and uniqueness. This customization may not be similar for each phone. As said, the customization of Android according to the different phone specification gives the Company to manufacture different mobile phones with a wider range of price,that makes Android an emerging success among people. CyanogenMod is the Original after market firmware of all android OS that comes alone with the phone. To be simple , CyanogenMod is the Android OS that is unveiled without any type of customization by the Vendor based on the mobile phone.

CyanogenMod offers variety of features and enhancements that are actually not present in the Android OS , we use .CyanogenMod right now, is based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and referred to as CyanogenMod 7 (CM7).CyanogenMod ROMs are aimed at maximizing the performance and experience of the Android OS.

The guide has been split into the following topics:

  • User Interface
  • Music Player
  • Camera
  • Lockscreen (CyanogenMod Settings)
  • Permission Management (CyanogenMod Settings)
  • Phone Goggles (CyanogenMod Settings
  • Performance (CyanogenMod Settings)
  • Miscellaneous CyanogenMod Tweak

[stextbox id=”info”]User Interface :[/stextbox]

CyanogenMod comes with a Eye catching user interface , which aimed at simplicity , has done its job quite good. It is pretty good looking compared to old themes in Android. CyanogenMod uses ADW launcher , which can be customized . This customization is no way possible in launcher found in other Android OS.

Have you ever thought of removing the notification from the notification slide down tray? If yes, then CM7 is your answer. Just slide the notification to right or left, and Voila ! the notification is gone.

[stextbox id=”info”]Music Player: [/stextbox]

The music player is very handy , that everyone enjoys the experience in CM7 .The best feature in CM7 ‘s music player is that it features Gesture recognition. Apart from the beauty of gesture recognition, Music player in CM7 has the ability to lower the sound of the music, instead of abrupt music pause, while a notification is received. This makes Music experience more pleasant .

CM7 comes with DMS manager ( an app ) . Using this app you can boost the overall volume and also adjust the equalizer setting in the Android .

[stextbox id=”info”]Camera:[/stextbox]

Camera comes with a ‘Touch to Focus’ feature which makes camera experience a better one in CM7.

[stextbox id=”info”]Lock Gesture :[/stextbox]

Lock gesture is the User attractive feature in CM7.  It is just Awesome . You can customize Lock to a great level. You can have Gesture to unlock the phone. You can even change the way in which we unlock the phone to answer the calls. The Best part is that the Music can be directly controlled using the gesture without even unlocking the screen. You can also have gesture to launch an App directly from the Unlock screen , (ie) when you unlock the button for the particular app present in the unlock screen, the app launches immediately , which is hassle free. Lock Gesture in CM7 makes it a Top Notch among its kind.

[stextbox id=”info”]Permission Management:[/stextbox]

Permission management deals with the permission associated with each and every app. CM7 is no longer a stranger. In CM7 , you can change the permission associated with the app or anything. But be careful in assigning permission for each app .

[stextbox id=”info”]Phone Googles :[/stextbox]

Phone googles allows you to lock the calls or messaging service , without making embarrassing calls or messages in embarassing situation . It makes you think twice before making a call or move away . It is often called as ‘Drunk Mode’

[stextbox id=”info”]Miscellaneous CyanogenMod Tweak  :[/stextbox]

There are few more tweaks in CM7 , such as Silent Hours, Bottom status bar , Which makes CM7 more attractive . Using silent Hours – you can choose timing when your phone should remain Silent .

[stextbox id=”info”]Performance:[/stextbox]

Performance of the CM7 is pretty good, compared to the ordinary Android OS . Very Much good in performance compared to the ordinary Android OS . But battery life is often the same, which varies from phone to phone and its usage.

On the Whole , CyanogenMod is pretty cool stuff to give it a try, if u a have one among their compatible list of phone. But CyanogenMod does not hold any responsibility for any type of  damage to phone due to mishandling . What happens next? will any MNC buy CM7 as their own OS ? Will it be a great competitor to the present ICS android? Only time has the answer !