Difference between UI and UX Web Design

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Layman’s Guide on Difference between UI and UX Web Design before You Choose a Career in UX Web Design

You might have overheard some conversations, walking down the hip streets of the tech capitals of the world, where the discussions were associated with great UX of the product, or the poor UI of the online site. So, do you think that the language is a bit secretive? You have to learn by reading through definitions of what exactly UI and UX means before you can even get hands on some results. Which jobs do you think will pay you more? Are you happy being associated with UI design or you want to be a serious UX web designer? Learning about the differences can solve a lot of issues and you will definitely come across the best responsive web design.

UI or UX Web Design?

UI and UX are two different professions, which have been around for such a long time.  UX web design mainly refers to the term also noted as User Experience Design and UI, on the other hand, stands for User Interface web Design. Both these major elements are crucial to product and will definitely work closely.

  • Despite the close professional relationship, the roles are quite different, which will refer to various parts of the design discipline and process.
  • UX web design is more towards the technical and analytical field. Then you have UI, which is closer to what you know as graphic design, even when the responsibilities are a bit complex.

An analogy might help you understand it better. If you consider any product as human body, then the bones will represent code giving the structure. The organs, over here, will be the UX design, which will be measuring and then optimizing against input for supporting mandatory functions. On the other hand, you have UI design, which will be representing cosmetics of body, which are the senses, presentation and reactions. Learning the difference is important before you land UX designer jobs. It will help you realize if you are actually meant for this job or have other calls in your life.

User experience based design:

The idea of user experience design or UX is the human first way for the designing products. User experience is the UXD or UED and a procedure for enhancing the loyalty and customer satisfaction by just improving easy usability and pleasure as provided in interaction right between customer and product.

  • Here, you might note at an instant rate that despite what you implied in introduction, the definition will have no reference to tech, no digital mention and will be vague at best. But just like any other profession, it is always impossible to just distill process from few words.
  • Some confusion might arise due to youth. According to some of the pros, the user experience helps in encompassing various aspects of the end user interaction right with the firm, services and even products.
  • It clearly stated that no matter whatever the medium might have been, the UX design will encompass any and even all interactions taking place between active or potential customer and that of the company. As scientific procedure is well applied to anything, it will work out under UX too.
  • If you have not used the term UX design in practice or at work, then it is still quite difficult for you to understand what user experience design actually does. You can log online to check out some of the online sources, developing UX course focusing on process used to illustrate profession.

Under the strategy and content, UX design is all about the customer and competitor analysis, product strategy or structure and even content development. Then you have the prototyping and wire framing areas where you have prototype, wireframe, testing or iteration and development planning. Under the analytics and executions, you have coordinated work with the UI designers and developers tracking down some of the integration and goals and even analysis and iteration.

Focusing on the UI design now:

Even though, designed to be one practiced and older field, it is vital to understand what is user interface design. It is hard to come across the best result as there are some misinterpretations involved in this category. While the field of user experience is defined to be one conglomeration of tasks focusing on product optimization for enjoyable and effective use, the UI is associated with the compliment, feel and look, interactive and presentation of the products.

  • However, unlike the field of UX, it is often confused by industries that they will get to employ UI designers. For extending various job posts, you have to understand the field of UI right from the core.
  • In case you are currently looking for some job posts for the field of user interface design, you are likely to come across interpretations of profession that are well akin to the field of graphic design. At some point, extending can also be associated with branding design with front end development.
  • If you are currently looking at expert definitions of the user interface design, you are about to come across descriptions which are quite identical to that of the UX design. Some points might even refer to the same form of structural techniques.
  • So, the main question is which one is right. Well, the answer is neither of them are. Both can prove to be close in some ways. Just like UX design, the UI one is challenging and a multi-faceted role. It is always responsible for transference of research, development, layout and content of the product into guiding, attractive and responsive experience for the users. It is also sector which is strictly digital based in nature.

Difference between UI and UX Web Design

Difference between UI and UX Web Design

Depending on the right points and the area of your choice, you can select between the UI and UX design for your professional deal. Just be sure to know more about the fields and then you can prove to go for the one which matches your choice well and the most. You can select the professional path accordingly in this regard now.