Digital Baby Monitor becomes home security network

Baby Monitor as a Security System

Use your Baby Monitor as a security system

If you have ever wanted to set up a security camera or a security system for your home or business, but don’t want to pay too much, or if you don’t know how to do it, then life has just become a whole lot easier and a lot less expensive.

With the latest remote monitoring technology, coupled with wireless sensor innovations, you can now set up your own baby monitor in the nursery, a home security network, or monitor your property remotely from your mobile phone!


Remote monitoring around the home or office

But remote monitoring has many applications around the home, for example, as a safety monitor for keeping a watchful eye over the sleeping baby in the nursery, or seeing what your pets are getting up to at home while you are at work, and of course to maintain security around your home.

Remote monitors can even be applied to a business premises as well, from monitoring movements around the property, managing several monitors in security network, and even acting as remote intercom for when customers come to the front door.  Better still, you can even use it in conjunction with a wireless doorbell, for complete awareness around your home or property.


Multi purpose sensor

The latest technology in remote sensor monitors makes these devices extremely versatile, and can monitor during both day and night, they can measure changes in either motion, sound, or even temperature of the monitoring location, so that can provide an excellent overview of all aspects of your property.


How does a remote monitor work?

The benefit of using a remote wireless camera monitor is that you can get alerts and monitor the remote location via a smartphone, or even on your computer or tablet.  To make it even easier to use, you can use WiFi connectivity to view the monitor image or to receive alerts.

The signal is not just one way either.  The user has remote control over the monitoring device, and can change the pan, tilt and zoom to focus right in on the subject.

The monitoring device can be set to provide a motion alert to your choice of monitoring device, so you can watch or listen in directly, or the device can trigger a motion recording system to capture any possible event at the monitoring location.

The signal is transmitted wirelessly to your choice of monitoring device, either mobile phone or computer and you have full control over the operation of the system

Here are some examples of the most popular monitoring systems and provides an outline as to how they work.


Motorola MBP43-2 Digital Digital wireless camera monitor

Video Baby Monitor

These Baby Monitors are a good example of how Motorola have taken a useful piece of remote sensor technology and applied it to a domestic application.  The camera sensor can be directly connected to provide streaming video or alert messages directly to your phone, computer or tablet, so that no matter where you are in the house, or even outside, you can always keep a close eye on your precious baby!


Motorola Security SystemsWiFi digital security monitor

The Motorola FOCUS85-B is a remote monitoring camera that can use your existing internet or WiFi and any compatible computer devices and create a professional monitoring and security system.

Previously, you needed to employ the services of a security firm in order to mount and install a stand alone security camera system.  The problem with a security system was that it was only secure when someone was physically monitoring the monitoring system.  In other words, unless you could afford to pay for full time security services, including a full time security guard, the monitoring system was next to useless.

Even the old fashioned recording systems used to be totally labor intensive with hours and hours of recorded data, and no accurate way of determining what, if anything had happened.

With the latest technology Motorola devices, you can opt to receive a motion triggered message direct to your mobile phone, and if you wish to look more closely, you can do so completely wirelessly.  There is no longer any need to employ professional security services, as you can perform all the surveillance you need via you own mobile phone.

Better still, you can adjust the pan, tilt and zoom in order to manage your own surveillance.  You can nominate a recording of the security footage be recorded automatically, and you can decide what action, if nay that needs to be taken to secure your property.


Husky Dome Security System

WiFi Security System digital monitor
Another example of the professional home security systems that are commonly available is the Husky Dome.  The Husky Dome is an outdoor smart home monitoring camera which is rugged enough to be able to withstand sharp impacts, and it is built to be able to operate in any weather conditions, such as heat and cold, dust and rain.

The Husky is designed to connect with the EZVIZ security platform which does all the hard work for you.  Once connected, the system operates as a seamless unit, incorporating your mobile devices, your existing computer system, email account, as well as connecting through you internet and WiFi.

The system is very secure, as it transmits using an encrypted signal and is password protected.  You can choose to record monitoring data on a built in SD card, over the Cloud, or direct to your mobile phone.

Security Systems that are Easy to Use

This security system can be set up to suit your own needs, but when the Husky is triggered by the motion detector, it firstly takes a picture and sends it to you, whilst at the same time, it starts recording video surveillance of the scene which can be viewed however you set up the system to send video data.


Summary – Security Systems for your Home

The best apart about the latest technology in remote sensor and monitoring devices is the cost.  These devices can now be purchased and used for domestic or business premises, at a very reasonable price range.  You can connect up with remote sensors, wide area surveillance, and even the best wireless doorbell can be used to stream video signal to your device.

So now you can have access to a fully remote controlled sensor monitoring system, which is so easy to use, that you can use the same system to monitor your baby whilst asleep, you can keep your pets under surveillance to make sure they are using good behavior and you can even monitor a business premises when you are not on site.


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