Direct Connect – Google Links Search And Brand Pages in Google+

The search giant, Google, has been working really hard in the social networking niche, to defeat Facebook in the hands of Google+, it’s own social networking site. On Nov. 7, Google opened the way for businesses to create their own brand pages in Google+. This new introduction compelled lots of small businesses to start their own brand pages in Google+


And now, to make things more interesting, Google introduced a new theory called the Direct Connect, which lets people connect to brand pages on Google+, right from Google search. This better way of connecting was started in order to make the brand pages more communicative with the users.

It wasn’t long ago when Google kicked out the “+” operator from the Google search. The “+” operator earlier, was used to include the keyword in all the search results. For ex. : +Apple will show all the search results having the word “Apple”. The removal of “+” operator from search left many people wondering why. The answer to it lies below.


It was obviously as many geeks thought. The removal had something to do with Google+. This is the part where, the new theory called Direct Connect arrives. When you now search for +Amazon, it will take you Amazon’s brand page on Google+. To land in any brand page you wish, just add the + operator before the word.

This new feature, Direct Connect, works for only a few pages, right now. Search queries like +Amazon, +Angry Birds, +Pepsi, +Google, +Google+ will work. Google is on the verge of adding more to the list.

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