Chrome Extension to Disable All Chrome Extensions

One of those things that make Google Chrome to be the most widely used and most lovable browser is the support of extensions. Extensions are those things, that increase the Google Chrome user productivity and add fun while browsing with Google Chrome.


If you ever wanted to disable all the Chrome extensions, here is an ultra cool Chrome extension that will help you to disable all the Chrome extensions at once. This Chrome extension titled Disable All Extensions Plus, helps you to disable all the enabled extensions in your Chrome browser, within a click.

Install the extension and there appears a Power-like button at the top right, which when clicked, drops down a list. There lies a button at the very top named Click this item to Disable all. Once clicked, all the enabled extensions will automatically get disabled.

Once disabled, you can use this tool again to enable all the disabled extensions within a click. Also, this Chrome extensions comes with advanced features. You can toggle a few extensions and enable or disable them. Cool, isn’t it?

Also, if you want to kick out a Chrome extension out from your browser, just hover your mouse over the corresponding extension and right click. Once right clicked, there pops a box titled Are you sure you want to uninstall the extension : [name of the extension]

Once you hit OK, the extension will get uninstalled. So, finally, one can conclude that this Chrome extension is pretty helpful for those who play around with many Chrome extensions. Do give it a whirl and drop in your comments below in the comments section.