Do not Avoid SEO Questions of Your Clients, here is a roundup of SEO Education

Clients are always smart and they are always correct. This is what I have been indoctrinated by my bosses for the past 6 years and it freaked me inside out. I have grown a belief (and it is going strength to strength) that clients belong to another race or at least they are from different world. This strange belief has its origin in those several thousand frustrated attempts that I have made in my stint as an SEO professional trying to explain to clients why it is not possible to give any specific date when his targeted keywords are supposed to rank in top three. However, when I put on the shoes of clients, I can see why clients behave strangely. Simple dude, they are investing their hard-earned money in SEO, and we need to present them some tangible outcome either in the form of better ranking, more visitors or more engagement.

So do not fume with rage next time when one of your clients pays you sudden visit expecting to see immediate results. Since our clients are unaware of the intricacies of SEO, they will most likely to pressurize us to come up with something that will help them see a spike in the sales volume. We simply cannot justify our stance that they should be investing in a marketing strategy where the outcome is by and large unpredictable and results are hardly measurable. So, rather than confronting the clients everyday and leading a miserable life, you should channelize your energy educating your clients about the unpredictable nature of SEO and how things work in SEO. Sounds like crazy ideas but believe me, this is going to work; just give it a go. Here I am going to add some very basic SEO questions and their answer in layman’s words:

What the FUCK is SEO and Why the Fuck I need it?
SEO is about making your website more search engines friendly or in simple term – Google friendly. Google considers a number of complex factors like users friendly of the website, navigation, page loading time, use of proper keywords, quality of content and other issues. Google carefully examine all these and then determine which website should come top and which one next. Since more and more people are buying or placing order online, it is imperative for business owners like you to have an impressive presence online. And this can be done by making your website properly optimized so that Google finds your website good enough and gives it higher ranking in its SERP which will result in more sales.

What is this Link Building Thing?

Well, it should be called as earning links. Take it this way. Once your website is properly optimized and tweaks keeping in mind of the users, people will start liking your website and may share the URL of your website with other people in social media websites or give you a link back from these websites. Each link adds value to a website as search engines treat links as a major metric to determine the quality of a website. We will make concerted effort to earn links naturally for your website by adding value to your website in every possible ways.

How on earth I know the campaign is performing or not?

Fortunately, there is a great tool available named Google Analytics where you can see a number of metrics like number of visitors, total number of conversions, time spent on website, number of social shares and a lot more. But here I need to explain myself a bit. In the world of SEO, whatever changes we made, takes some time to show up. We need to exercise patience and keep our expectation in line with what is possible within a specific period of time.

What if the campaign fails?

To be honest, no SEO company can guarantee you 100% success. That would be an outright lie. But we can assure you that we will be following the guidelines of Google thoroughly and all our efforts will be concerted at adding value to your website and not the other way round. Since we are not going to take the shortcut and spam the web, results may take some time but you can sure of one thing that your website will be in safe hand.

 Katy Crawford Slade is a blogger and social media analyst and she is currently associated with