How To: Download All Images From Chrome or Firefox at Once

The world’s top two web browsers, Chrome and Firefox, come with their own charming features and options, making the usage of the web browsers more pleasant. As known to all, both Chrome from Google and Firefox from Mozilla have a special feature with you can save the entire web page for offline editing. Well, it’s not only those two giants with this feature. Most of the modern web browsers are seen to be having this feature now.


How does this help? If you were to save a complete web page for offline editing or download all the images in a web page in one go, what are you supposed to do? This is where this ultra cool feature comes to our help. With this option on, you can easily extract or save or download the images from a web page, rather than saving each image by clicking it and hitting the Save Image option. Downloading all those images in one go is far better right?

  • Fire up your favorite web browser, be it Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Let the web page with the images load completely.
  • Now, right click on the web page and hit the Save As… option available in Chrome or called as Save Page as.. in Firefox, in the context menu.
  • Name the file, giving it your favorite name like so and hit the Save button.

Well, that’s it. Saving the entire web page will make sure that the page is saved along with the necessary web page files. The place where you save the page will feature the web page files in a folder. Inside the folder lie all those images that you saw in that web page. You can now use them for your own usage. Easier than saving each image, right?

Alternatively you can use the tool named Bulk Image Downloader for downloading all the images from the Google Images site at once. Check out this post to know more about using that tool : Download Google Images in bulk with Bulk Image Downloader