Download Angry Birds Space: For Android, iOS, MAC and PC

Rovio Mobile, the geeky company behind the most widely played game on mobile devices, Angry Birds, has finally released the next version of the series and named it Angry Birds Space. The speculation had been on since days and now, March 22, has finally proved to be the big day. As the name denotes, this new version of the series features the gameplay in the space, giving the Angry Birds lovers a warm welcome.


Angry Birds is not a new game that one hears. Originally made for the mobile devices, Rovio Mobile, the Finnish company, witnessed this game making a ground breaking history in the mobile arena and quickly expanded the game into other gaming platforms too. As of now, Angry Birds is the most widely played game in the majority of the gaming platforms. Even social networking sites like Google+ and Facebook own this game. The Facebook version of the game was launched a few months back and here is the all new version of the game named “Angry Birds Space”.

If you are a big of the Angry Birds game, you might have heard words about the Rovio team spending days and nights with the NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration. When Rovio wanted help with the space and gravity related physical doubts to be cleared, NASA proved to be a great friend and helped in every way possible.

“We have been working with NASA for quite a while already and they are very keen in cooperating with us. We got this astronaut Don Pettit in space to cooperate round the launch. They have been helping with all the physics-related questions around space and gravity.” said Tiina Mikkonen, Rovio’s senior accounts manager in a report.

This new version from Rovio comes packed with all new, ultra cool 60 levels. Don’t get disheartened. With time passing, Rovio will be adding more levels to the game. By the way, it’s no longer the same gameplay that we are gonna witness. This gameplay will feature the birds flinging towards the pigs in space! New powerups, new birds and the old, familiar pigs will constitute this game’s core. It seems like all the original Angry Birds have undergone a new makeup and all seem to be new to this version.

Once you start playing, you will get to notice that Angry Birds Space features new powerups like gravitational fields of the planets with which you can easily destroy the pigs and retrieve those lovely eggs. Space Eagles are also said to play a role in this game. Those big, giant, more powerful birds can be unlocked in the game or purchased as an application and enjoy the game.

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This Angry Birds Space version is now available at all the major application stores. If you own an Android or iOS or MAC or PC, you can now enjoy this game right from now, provided you are willing to spend a few bucks. 😛

  • iPhone and iPod Touch – Download at the App Store for $0.99
  • iPad – Download at the App Store for $2.99
  • MAC – Download at the App Store for $4.99
  • PC – Download at the Angry Birds Shop for $5.95
  • Android [With Ads] – Download at the Android market for free
  • Android [Without Ads] – Download at the Android market for $2.99

What are waiting for? Head to the application stores and download the game and have fun! Do drop in your comments after trying this game. Waiting to hear your reviews.