Celebrates 15 Years of Success With an Infographic from CNET has now hit 15 years of success in being the best site to provide freewares and sharewares. To celebrate it’s success, Seth Rosenblatt from CNET has come up with an infographic bundled up with the top download programs list, the number of times a program was downloaded and much more. As an infographic, it provides us the numerical stats and facts of this website, which was launched 15 years back.


The most notable thing this site reminds us all is, the scanning of the programs before letting an user download. When you want to download a software from this site, it will scan for viruses and then download the file so that the user’s computer doesn’t get affected with crappy viruses.

This site proudly calls itself “The Original App Store”. Gone are those days when iTunes Store by Steve Jobs ranked the first place. Right now, this site ranks the top place in the niche for downloading softwares online.

The below infographic shows that there was an average of 199,701 downloads per week whereas on the contrast, there is an average of 9,595,161 downloads per week. Right now, the top five downloaded programs of all time are AVG with 384,331,367 downloads. Ad-Aware closely follows AVG with 374,560,336 downloads all time. ICQ Pro added in 1997 remains on the top five list till now. It has been downloaded as much as 260,433,467 times. WinZip too takes the record of standing in the top 5 list for a long time with 203M+ downloads. For the fifth place you have a look at the infographic on your own. More stats inside.

Source : [CNET]