Download Google Web Fonts [How-To]

Google has a host of fonts in its web fonts library. All these fonts are best for use in your websites. But, if you find something very attractive which would look good in one of  your presentations, you can download them for offline use too. Downloading Google Web Fonts isn’t a herculean task.


All the fonts displayed in the font library are open source fonts. Therefore there is no barrier in how you use it. If you are developer yourself, you can contribute to the font either by yourself or collaborating with the original developer of the font.

Download a Single Font

  1. Head to Google Web Fonts.
  2. Browse the collection of fonts available there.
  3. Select your favourite fonts by clicking on “Add to Collection” button near the bottom of each font.
  4. Once you’ve selected your fonts, click on the “Quick-Use” link near any of the fonts.
  5. There you’ll find an option to download your collection. Click it.
  6. your selected fonts will be downloaded in a zip format.
  7. Extract it and you can find the individual fonts in the TTF format. You can install them in your system and use it.

Download the Whole Google Fonts Library

  1. You can download the whole Google Fonts library to your local disk. Just head on to the Google Code page for Google fonts directory.
  2. The instructions for downloading the whole library will be displayed there separately for each platform.
  3. You’ll be needing Mercurial to do this job for you. Windows users can use TortoiseHg, which is basically Mercurial with a Graphical User Interface.

At present there are over 500 fonts at the Google font directory. Try them all if you wish too.

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