Download Instagram for Android Now

Finally the big day has come! The folks from Instagram have now rolled out a brand new application for the Android users. Originally made for the iPhone users, the company decided to roll out this application today. If you are a big fan of Instagram, you might already know that Instagram has hit a stunning 30M users on iPhone and hence, here is the replica of iPhone’s Instagram for Android.


The application is now available for download at the Google Play. If you own an Android device, it’s not time for you to test this ultra cool application. It is reported that the Android’s version of Instagram is the exact replica of the iPhone’s Instagram. But the staff from Instagram quote that, this version of Instagram for Android doesn’t feature the Tilt Shift and a few more features. They are set to make appearance in the next update.

Meanwhile, the application is available at Google Play and it is reported that the application runs perfectly on Android 2.2 devices and higher. The application is now available for download at country and also it seems like the application features English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Italian translations.

As of now, the application at Google Play has 301 five star ratings with an average of 4.6 ratings. The size of the application is 13MB and what’s more? The application is for free! If you want to share your everyday moments with your friends online and see what they are up to, edit and add effects to your photos, Instagram is the tool for you. Go to Google Play, grab the application and have fun!

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Instagram for Android at Google Play