Dropbox – The Ultimate Place to Host Images for Bloggers

We bloggers upload images directly to our blogs. Alternatively we are always on the lookout for good and popular photo hosting services that will let us host images and use those in our wbesites or blogs. But there arises a serious deal of problem when it’s time for us to move our database servers. Moving plain textual websites are a lot more easier when compared to moving huge multimedia websites, right?


If you ever wanted to upload tens of photos to a single blog post, I highly recommend you to upload the photos to a third party photo hosting site (like Picasa, Flickr, TinyPic) rather than uploading to your blog so that you can speeden the loading speed, cut storage expenses, traffic bandwidth and lot more.

So how does Dropbox come to our use?

Uploading any file to the “Public” folder in the Dropbox folder gets it’s own link that can be shared with your friends and relatives. Once the link is in one’s hand, one can view or download the file.

#Step 1 – Getting the image link

With this concept in hands, all those images that are to be added to the blog post must be uploaded to the “Public” folder first and later right click each image and copy the link by using “Copy Public Link”. On using that link in a web browser, the image will pop up in a blank page. Pretty easy and free image hosting, right? 😉

Sample Image Copy Public Link


#Step 2 – Embedding the image in the blog post

And then go to your blog post and add the images by using the URL option. With this easy method of adding images, you can save time, storage and increase your website loading time.

Adding Image URL


What do you think of this? Easy, simple, time saving and to top it all, frees space, right? If you are on Dropbox, make sure to host all your photos and images to Dropbox and use the link for any usage.

If you aren’t on Dropbox, make sure to join it right now with this link and get an additional 500MB for free! Happy Dropbox’ing!