Now It’s Easy to Go Offline in Facebook Chat

As you might have noticed, Facebook now gives us a better option to go offline to all your friends on your list or something better : Facebook’s new chat algorithm now allows users to go offline to particular friends in your list. If you want to put some of your irritating, troublesome friends out of your chat, it is possible now.


If you had recently logged into your Facebook account, you might have noticed that Facebook’s chat section at the bottom right shows a notifications box, introducing you to see all new chat feature. If not, you better log in now. You will be really surprised to use this awesome feature. Let us look into the new options that Facebook chat gives us now.

As the above image depicts, you can go offline to your irritating friends, or family members, or even to a list. If you have been managing a list of your close friends, you now have to option to pop online only to them. If you have a group of irritating friends, you can now now show yourself as offline, while you continue with your other works.

Hit the Settings button available at the bottom right of the chat box in the sidebar. Once hit, it will give you access to the list of options underlying there. In that, opt to go inside Advanced Settings. Once inside, the options lying there, as the names denote, are pretty useful and easy to use.

  • All your friends see you except… : This options allows you to show yourself online to all your friends in your friends list in Facebook. If you want to appear offline only to a few friends, enter their names, or the names of the lists and voila ! This magic algorithm does the job.
  • Only some friends see you… : With this in your hands, you can easily appear online to only some friends or lists. Want to show yourself online only to your close pals? Use this option!
  • No once sees you (go offline) : As the names denotes, you can use this simple option to show yourself offline to everyone in your friends list. Alternatively, you can hit the Settings button at the bottom right, in your chat section, and hit the Go offline button. If you are a Facebook freak, you might notice that, Facebook has changed the name of this button from Available to chat to Go offline. Well, it doesn’t matter. The thing is, you can go offline easily now.


Choose the option that you need, hit the names of your friends or lists and hit the Save button. Within a matter of seconds, the chat section will rearrange itself using it’s magical algorithm, along with the settings you provided in that Advanced Chat Settings box.

Also, you can go offline to a particular person in current chat, by hitting the Settings button at the top of the chat box and hit the Go offline to Name. Once selected, the person will see you offline in his chat section. A really useful tool, agree?