Easy tips to make your Android Device Original and Unique

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Who would want to be labeled as ordinary? No-one, especially not you or me. Even with gadgets we all want to be a ‘stand-out’. We want to be the first to try new releases and be envied by peers. We shed money to make sure we have the best gadgets, whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone, which we can flaunt to our friends. But how can we be labeled as unique if most gadgets available today are running the Android OS? Surely our friends will be able to own a device similar to ours in no time and we will not be so stand-out anymore.  That’s a fact of life. Unless you develop your own operating system and use it exclusively, you can’t own the spotlight for long.  You can even mirror other operating systems just for something completely different!  Check out how you can mirror android device using chromecast.

So how do we make our Android device original? Check these easy tips below.

Fill it with apps that mostly define your personality

If you only install the popular games, and the like on your device, how can yours be considered unique? If you only have the common apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Line, Gmail, Google Search, and others it’s pretty hard to differentiate or distinguish your own device from the other people. So why not fill your android phone with apps and games that would more define your character and personality? For example, if you are an organized person, then having scheduler or planner apps on your Android device for your financial, travel, work, or food requirements will make your gadget more personal and original.Here is a great idea we found – check out Mobdro where you can download an android app for Streaming free TV and movies.

Develop your own app

Moreover, if you know how to make or develop an app, having it on your Android device would definitely make it original since you will be the only one who has that particular app.

Change the keyboard according to your preferences

Some people don’t know that they can change how their touchscreen phone works or is displayed. There are a lot of keyboard applications that are available for free download in the Google Play Store. Find a keyboard application that works best for you so that you can type with ease and comfort and at the same time have a more unique gadget.

 Change the colors and theme to match your personality

Our personality differs and so as our moods so it’s best if you personalize your Android device by changing the default display settings such as the colors, wallpapers, and screensavers. Again, you can find many settings and colors in the Play Store that will suit best your tastes and preferences. Once done with personalizing the inside, also find a case that will suit your personality. Aside from the already available casing in the market, you can draw, doodle, paint, or make your own casing to express more your style.

Boost Performance for better usability

There are many apps in the Google Play store that can boost your phone’s performance. For instance, you can download different camera apps to capture moments perfectly even if you have a low resolution gadget. Music apps with equalizers are also available if you want the best possible sounds and music effects.

Mirror Android Devicesmirror android device using chromecast

Learn how you can add more features to your device.  Did you know that you can upgrade, including the memory and storage. Most Android devices comes with expandable storage, so make the most out of it and install up to its limit storage capacity to have more space for cool and great apps. Your device can also perform faster with upgraded storage and memory capacity. Another feature that you can also touch on is the battery with different battery saving apps available at the play store. With hundreds of possible upgrades to your device it’s no longer that hard to customize your phone and show off your originality.