Effective Tips For Cloud Computing

Effective Tips For Cloud Computing
Cloud computing sounds like one of those nerdy high-tech terms that people in the front of your science classroom mumble about. However, it has been proven to be something very useful for the majority of computer users- even the most novice users. Cloud computing allows for the majority of applications and documents in a users life to be accessed from anywhere and at any time via server. This can be useful for anyone from student, to teacher, to stay-at-home employee, to avid gamer. With the use of cloud computing, we no longer cling to the days of having to move everything to an external hard drive after use. Here are some tips for those wanting to implement cloud computing at their office:


Cloud Computing: Know Where Your Data Actually Is

It is important to know exactly where your most sensitive data lives. Firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention does keep most intruders out, and data encryption does keep the data safer, but you can not be sure where your data goes when your service contract is over or the company that provides your service goes out of business. If you also have dedicated hardware for all of your cloud computing information, that is the most effective way of keeping your data safe and secure.


Have a Secure Backup At All Times

Of course cloud computing makes the art of losing data more difficult, but that does not mean that you should not keep a back up of your files handy at all times just in case. There have been times where big companies have lost the majority of their customer’s data, and this can be a stunning loss. Keeping a back up is the most effective way of preventing this- something more about protecting the company than about protecting the actual data.


Make Sure Your Provider Has Strong Security Features

In order to have a safe cloud computing experience, it is important that your provider has strong security features. You should know exactly which server and data center your data is being stored at. This way you can get to know what security features are in place, creating a more secure data space for your company’s most sensitive information and applications.


Teach Yourself In Order To Stay Up To Date and Well Informed

In order to stay up to date and well informed on the subject of cloud computing, it is extremely necessary to learn as much as you can about the features of cloud computing in order to protect your business and to stay informed on the extremely important technical information that inevitably comes into play when you are in charge of a business or office environment. There are many ways to teach yourself how cloud computing actually works, and how it can be integrated into your office. Firstly, there are platforms online that provide courses on cloud computing. You can even choose to learn about specific cloud providers and do, for example, AWS certification training. Secondly, if you cannot afford to pay for classes, there are free online tutorials on YouTube that prove similar basic knowledge information on cloud computing.


Test Your Cloud Computing  System

It does not hurt to test your system. It is a minor issue that can make a huge difference when it comes to how your system runs. You should make sure you test your cloud-computing server to see how well it is doing in compatibility with its security features set up. You can hire an ethical hacker to test the security of your cloud system. This is someone who is often hired to hack the systems of their employers in order to figure out what the issues are within their individual cloud system or storage space. They are then able to give you recommendations on how to proceed with the care and maintenance of your company’s cloud computing system.


Use As Many Data Access Accounts As Possible

Make sure you do not allow for everyone in your business to have access to the full wealth of your company’s cloud computing accounts. This can potentially make it very easy for that data to be distributed and stolen. In order to avoid this you must make sure that your system works with a lot of different data access accounts at the same time. This includes different individual accounts that have their own sets of access permission. This will add a lot of security to your account, thus your business.


 Cloud Computing in Summary

Cloud computing is a great tool to your business. However, with anything great, there is plenty of responsibility to go along with it. It is important for you and your business to stay safe and take all the precautions they can to avoid any lapses in the security of your crucial cloud computing system.




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