How To: Embed Playable Angry Birds Level in Facebook Posts and Blogs

It was yesterday when I came across an ultra cool feature in the Facebook version of the Angry Birds game, which will let you embed a small, playable version of any Angry Birds level in anyone’s Facebook Timeline, websites, blogs or forums, just like embedding a YouTube video. This new feature is called the “Share & Play” and it seems to be brought by Rovio to maximize the usage of Angry Birds application across the web.


On Your Facebook Timeline

When you finish a level in the Facebook Angry Birds game, there pops a box showing the number of stars that you collected. Alongside lies two buttons, one named “Share” and the other named “Embed”. Clicking on the “Share” button will let you to embed that particular, playable level on your Facebook Timeline, and your friends will be able to play that level right in a small version.

On Websites/Blogs/Forums

Secondly, you can use the “Embed” button to get the code, that can be pasted in website or blog that you own, and your visitors will be able to play that level right on your site. But the thing is that, the game runs on flash and it is necessary that flash is enabled for the game to be played. Try playing a level, live, right here!

Additionally, you can use the handy URL and paste in other friends’ “Walls” on Facebook too. That will give the user and his/her friends to try out that mini-Angry Birds game.

Limitations In This Feature

Though the feature seems to be ultra cool to all, there are a few limitations in this. Firstly, you won’t be able to use the “Power Ups” like Super Seeds, Bird Quakes, King Slings etc. If you want to use those tools, Rovio gives you an option, but that will take you to the Facebook Angry Birds application and you ought to play the game there. The same goes to the full screen version of the game.

If you try to increase the size of the gameplay manually, the game doesn’t. Instead an additional coating of white space appears around the game and the game remains in the same size.

What Do You Say?

So, any words that you would like to add? Do you think that this mini-playable Angry Birds feature will rock the Rovio neighborhood? Do you think this is a good step from Rovio? And also, do you think this one is way better than the alternative option to play Angry Birds on any site?