How to get The Enjoyment of Facebook Games on Android Phones?

Facebook has become a popular social networking site to the young generation. Don’t have anything to do? Let’s play Facebook games. This is the common trend of the present generation. Facebook games have spread in the tech market like wild fire making it the favorite pastime for many. Zynga, the renowned manufacturer of social networking sites, have reported that games like Zynga Poker, FarmVille and CityVille records around 271 million users every month. Just imagine!

In December 2010, CityVille is said to have recorded 69 million users. Facebook games are played using Adobe Flash. Though all PC-based web browsers have Flash technology, yet it took time for the technology to get ported over the mobile devices. If you only have an Android device operating on version 2.2 or the recent ones, you can play Facebook games from your Droid device.

Hence, come on and log into your Facebook account from your Android phone and play the game you wish to. No longer do you need to sit in front of your PC system.

Playing Facebook Games on Android 2.2  

Do you have an Android 2.2 and want to play the Facebook games? Get started with the process… Here you are:

Firstly, open up the Application Launcher and go to “Market” app to tap it. Then, after tapping the ‘magnifying glass’ icon, that is the search button, type “Adobe Flash” and press “Search”. Tap the app of “Adobe Flash” > “Install” > “OK” for accepting the permissions. Wait until the app gets installed.

Secondly, press home button on your Android phone. How does it look like? It has the shape of a house. Tap ‘browser’ icon and then browsing to Facebook log into your own account. Now, in the search box of this famous social networking site, type the name of any of the Facebook games you like to play, say FarmVille. Once this icon appears, tap it and then tap the button of “Go to Application”.

Finally, as the FarmVille page loads, long press on that screen. Now, choose “Play in Full Screen” and start playing your favorite game Farmville.

Does it sound difficult? Don’t worry! Just give it a try.

Playing Games in Android 2.1 and Previous Versions      

What about the ones who are using the previous versions of Android phone or the Androids 2.1? No one is to be deprived. Here are some simple steps for you too.

Step 1: On the Android phone, open up Application Launcher and scrolling down to “Market” app, press it. For searching, you have to tap the icon of magnifying glass. Now, typing “Zynga”, press “Search”.

Step 2: An app list will be display in front of you – scroll through it to find your desired app. Now tapping the game you like to install, tap on “Install” button and finally on OK for accepting the permissions. Wait until the app downloads and installs itself.

Step 3: Now, opening the launcher, tap the game you have installed. Log in for connecting the Android app to the Facebook profile.

And you are done! Play Facebook games on your Android mobile phone.

Author’s Bio: Donna Johnson is a skilled online gaming support specialist who can tell you about the know-how of different apps. Contact the expert right now!