Facebook and North Pole at the Time of Christmas [Infographic]

Christmas is the period of fun and gifts exchanging period, of a year. Facebook, as we all know, is the world’s largest social networking site as of now. Have you ever wondered how Christmas and Facebook match together? In one sense, lots of people share Christmas updates on Facebook. But on the other hand?

Here is Flowtown, who took a funny approach to bundle up the curious and interesting facts, featuring Santa Claus’s or Kris Kringle’s Facebook account, in an infographic. This pretty cool infographic takes a step to narrate the social communication of Santa, the elves and the people in the North Pole.

Santa’s first status being “I’m making my list, going to check it thrice“, Lindsay Lohan comments “Which list am I on?” for which Santa replies “You don’t want to know“. On moving up, you can find that Santa requests his elves to help him with the tablet orders.


Further up, you will be surprised to see Santa listening “Maria Carey “All I want for Christmas”” for which his wife, Mrs Claus, replies “Not this song again

Santa then uploads a couple of pictures featuring his Sleigh and other stuff. Halfway through his timeline, one can find CNN reporting the biggest storm ever in North Pole. Being a disaster news, people are grateful enough not to like the status, rather share their condolences to the affected people in the comments section.

While Santa is worried about the journey he is about to make, there comes Rudolph to the rescue. Rudolph agrees to run Santa’s sleigh. And finally, on the great day, Santa makes his journey across Russia, Japan, Canada, England and 196 other countries, delivering his presents.

After a day of full tiredness, Santa finally takes rest, hearing his other favorite song “Nicki Minaj “Super Bass”” and enjoys his free time on Facebook.

Source [Flowtown]