Facebook App Profile Pages to be Kicked Out on Feb. 1, 2012

As of now, most of the Facebook app users are starting to see a big notification box at the top of their Facebook app screens, quoting the fact that, Facebook is about to hit the Delete button for all the automatically generated profile pages for Facebook apps.

Earlier in December, Facebook announced the deletion of these app profile pages highlighting that, both the app profile page and the official Facebook page look the same, yet differ in it’s inner features. With these app profile pages set for deletion, Facebook asks the app owners to take immediate action.


Facebook assures the app owners that, once they can transfer all the likes and vanity URL of their profile page for apps to an existing Facebook page, provided both the pages are listed in the same niche. In the words of Facebook it can be put as :

By February 1, 2012, we are removing App Profile Pages. You can migrate Likes and the Vanity URL of this page to an existing Facebook page with same name and of same Product/App category.

If the admin of the app does not take action before Feb. 1, 2012, Facebook tells that, it will automatically delete the page for that app and transfer all the traffic and vanity URL to the app itself. Facebook also announces the transfer of only likes, vanity URL but not the page content. If you want the same content in your new page, you better download a copy of all and upload in the new page.

With these changes set to be made, it is quite sure that, once if anyone searches something in the Facebook search box, only one or two results pop in the screen instead of those four to five options that Facebook shows. Facebook is working really hard to narrow down the results to just one option and also make it easy for the users to easily lay hands on the application.