Facebook App Profile Pages To Be Killed By Feb. 1, 2012

According to Facebook, the automatically created profile pages for the apps are to be killed by February 1, 2012. The company announced this on it’s official developer blog on December 8. All the profile pages for the apps are to be killed by the users on their own, or Facebook will hit the Delete button for all the app profiles on February 1, 2012.


When logged into their app profile pages, admins will find a new box at the top quoting “By February 12, 2012, we are removing App Profile Pages. You can migrate Likes and the Vanity URL of this page to an existing Facebook Page with the same name and of Product/App category”.

Profile pages for apps and the Facebook fan pages are physically similarly but the inside content differs. Each sporting their own Like button, differ in terms of features like Insights and APIs.

If you own an existing separate Facebook page with the same name and the same app category, you can shift the likes and vanity URLs of the app profile page to that existing one and hence do not lose your visitors. Transferring all your likes and vanity URLs might take a couple of days.

Facebook also requests users to download a copy of their photos, videos and other media content in their app profile page for precaution. Admins must note that this migration will not transfer the content of the app profile page. Only the likes and vanity URLs will be transferred.

If the admin does not take action before February 1, 2012, Facebook will kill the page and send the app traffic stats direct to the app. Once it is done, a search for the app name in the search box will take you direct to the app instead taking to the app profile page.

Are you the admin of any Facebook app? You better start migrating all your likes of your app profile page to an existing Facebook page and save your fans.