Facebook Brings Verified Accounts

The latest news on Facebook is that, the social media giant is bringing out another cool feature called Verification that will confirm whether certain account on Facebook belongs to the actual celebrity or some other fellow using that name. Announced recently, Facebook has begun the process of confirming people and giving them a verified account badge. As of now, no such account is seen to have made appearance in this social world we live in.


This feature is all set to take the Subscription feature on Facebook further up. With the accounts being officially confirmed, the common people on Facebook can easily subscribe to the original celebrities’ public updates. According to the reports, once verified those accounts will get more probability to get featured in the People To Subscribe To section.

Though Facebook seems to be late in this part of the niche, it is sure to be a good change in the working of the social media site. If you are a social media freak you might notice the fact that Twitter owns this feature from ages and the recently made Google+, added this feature a few months back.

It’s not that you can approach Facebook and get your account verified. Facebook will pick out those accounts with a huge number of subscribers and ask them to submit a government issued photo id. Once submitted, Facebook will verify that account and later delete that submitted proof immediately. It’s all that Facebook has to approach you and you get your account verified, provided you submit a proof.

While verifying your account, you also get the option to display a pseudonym or nickname. You can either make it appear near your real name in your profile  or replace it with your real name. Opting to go with one of these options will display your nickname everywhere on Facebook and also in the search results.

Until now, no such Facebook account is seen. With time progressing, in a matter of time, it is probable that people will witness a verified account very soon. Are you a celebrity? If yes, you might get the chance to get your Facebook account verified. Cheers!