Enrich Your Facebook Chat Experience With Chat Cool With Me

Chat Cool With Me is a web application that will automatically generate the Facebook chat codes from any letter or image. With Chat Cool With Me in your hands, chatting in Facebook indeed becomes an awesome job.

Recently we witnessed Facebook introducing a new chat feature that will let people to display pages’ profile pictures as an emoticon in the chat box. If you find a page’s profile picture or a person’s profile picture to be cool, you can use that image as an emoticon in that chat box by just entering the unique id or username in this format : [[unique id]] or [[username]]


Once entered, the profile picture will automatically get embedded as an emoticon with 16 x 16 dimensions, in the chat box. Later on, people started to discover that individual letters like “A”, “B”….”Z” can be used an emoticon, each. By joining many letter-emoticons, word formations does indeed become a cool job.

But what’s the unique id or username for these letters. Unless there remains a page for each of these letters, word formations using emoticons becomes a painful job. This is where Chat Cool With Me comes to the rescue.

Once landed in the site, you will notice that, this web app can derive unique ids for letters as well as the images available there. As of now, one can find the following images : Two Santa images, Christmas Tree, Snow flake, Heart, Gift Box  and Christmas Bell.

One hitting the image, the web app id of that image gets placed in the chat box. Also you can enter any word and hit the Make it cool! button. Once you hit that button, the image and the word will automatically get translated to Facebook’s chat id. Check out the name Axleration made with this web app

Now, you can copy paste the code in the Facebook chat box and find the word glittering in front of your eyes. Do use this web app and surprise your Facebook buddies. If they ask about the trick, do ping them to check out this post.

Thanks a million to my friend Lekiq Emrah for sharing this tip with me. Love you dude. Hoping to get more from you.