Facebook Chat Disconnected : New Bug

As of now, hundreds and hundreds of Facebook users have reported their Facebook chat section being disabled. According to the bug reporters, users are experiencing their chat section on the left side being full whitish and showing all the users in the background. Personally, I am too experiencing this new Facebook glitch.


Below the users’ avatars shows a sentence Unable to connect to chat. Reconnecting…Try again. Once you hit the Try again button, Facebook reloads the chat section but in vain. Once again the chat section appears to be offline / disconnected. Meanwhile, on the right side bottom, people can see the chat button labeled Chat (Disconnected) with a error symbol nearby.

On the other hand, people have noticed that, they are able to chat with friends though their chat section is disabled. Also, in my case, I have noticed the all new Facebook Messenger for Windows working pretty well without any glitch. It shows all my online friends and makes chatting a pleasant during these times.

It was a few days back when two glitches emerged. One bug showed the Add Friend button in someone’s wall even though you were friends with them. And the other bug showed all the friends offline in chat section. Later, Facebook took steps to clear these bugs.

So, when will Facebook clear this all new bug? When will the chat section appear in the users’ accounts? Has Facebook kicked the chat section for maintenance? If this new bug due to the introduction of Facebook Messenger for Windows? Drop in your thoughts below in the comments section.