Facebook Chat Shows All Friends Offline

Seems like another new glitch has now started in Facebook. When you check out your friends avatars in the chat section, will be surprised to see everyone offline. When you click any one avatar, the user will automatically start popping at the bottom right and appear to be online. Is this a new Facebook glitch ?


A few days back, Facebook experienced a similar glitch. Facebook showed all Add Friend button in one’s friend’s wall, even though that person is friends with him. It was later updated that the users who experienced the problem, got that problem rectified.

As you can see below, all my friends appear to be offline, when seen in the Facebook chat section. But once I clicked my friend’s name, there popped his chat box, featuring him to be online. Do look into these two pictures very carefully.

As of now, most of the Facebook users have reported finding their friends in the offline mode in the chat section inspite of their online presence. When will this new Facebook glitch be cleared? Let us all hope that this glitch is rectified by Facebook in a small matter of time.

Are these two new Facebook glitches new to new introduction of the Facebook timeline. Does the Timeline have something to do with these two new glitches? Do drop in a comment below in the comments section and also share your experiences with us, if you found your friends to be appearing offline.