Facebook Co-Founder’s New Social Network

Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook and director of online organizing for Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign, launched a new social network which is a “Social Network for the social good”.


Jumo is the name of this social network, it tries to connect people who are in need of help and people who can offer help. Jumo is a social network connecting individuals and organizations who want to change the world. Leveraging connection technologies, Jumo enables people to find, follow and support those working toward solutions on the ground in their community and in regions across the globe.

Founded in February 2010, Jumo set out to address three key challenges:

  • There are millions of people working to improve the lives of others, many of whom lack the resources to have greatest impact.
  • There are millions more who want to help, but don’t know how.
  • Despite huge advancements in connection technologies, it’s hard to find meaningful opportunities to get involved.

Jumo makes it easy to:

  • Find the issues and organization you care about
  • Follow the latest news and updates
  • Support their work with your time, money and skills.

So if you have been thinking about helping the needy and always been in a dilemma as you didn’t know how to do it, then Jumo is your option. Sign up at Jumo and start helping others. 🙂


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