Facebook f8 2011 – When, Where and More Inside

The next annual conference is scheduled to be held on 22nd of September. Facebook f8 is an annual conference held in San Francisco, where all the Facebook developers and entrepreneurs share their voices on strategies for building a better Facebook. It is rumored that Facebook is going to announce music services in this upcoming conference. Facebook has joined hands with popular music services like Spotify, Rdio, MOG, SoundCloud, Deezer and Rhapsody. Also, the developers will answer to your queries online in this conference.


Facebook is expanding it’s social media features in a view to defeat the growing social networking rival, Google+ from Google. This time, the f8 conference seems to late when compared to the previous year f8 conferences. Last year it was held around April but now it’s been September. What’s Facebook up to these days? Will it surprise us with more features than the previous f8 conferences?

Previous f8 conferences

f8 conference in 2007

  • This was the first facebook f8 conference ever.
  • Was held on May 24th of 2007 at San Francisco Design Center.
  • The Social Graph was introduced in this conference.

f8 conference in 2008

  • Held on July 23rd at the same San Francisco design center.
  • Introduced the new profile.
  • Integrating facebook connect to your website or blog.

f8 conference in 2009

  • This conference was entirely cancelled.

f8 conference in 2010

  • Held on April 21st at San Francisco design center.
  • The like button for websites and blogs was announced. This like button is now installed in as much as 2.5M websites.
  • Open Graph Protocol
  • Graph API
  • OAuth 2.1
Source : Wikipedia

Details on f8 2011 conference

This f8 conference can be attended by anyone in this world, only if you have a lot of bucks in your wallet. It costs around $400! You can also watch this conference live on the web @ Facebook f8 conference. This conference is held between 8.30 am and 6.30 pm on 22nd of coming September.
Guys, don’t miss this f8 conference. Join the Facebook guys and watch the live streaming @ Facebook f8 conference on 22nd September!