Facebook Icons to Download [High Resolution]

Facebook, the largest social networking site on Earth, has a lot of blog posts written related to it. We bloggers write posts related to Facebook everyday. Facebook has a got a lot of topics to write. But how many days can we just write blah blah blah? We must add something to our article that spices it up! The usage of icons and images in the articles prove to be really good.


So here’s a list of beautiful Facebook icons that you can make use of in your blog articles or anywhere else. These are not those old 16 x 16 dimensional icons. These icons are of higher resolution and look awesome! The designers at Lopagof of DevianArt have put their entire designing skills into this collection of 28 Facebook icons. Now, let us have a look at them before downloading.

So, did you like those icons? Want to download them? Head on down and download those icons from Megaupload. The file size is just 461.81 KB and it is in RAR format. Download the file and extract to get the images.

Download Link

Download the file from Megaupload – Facebook icons for Download