Facebook Rivals Twitter With “Interests Lists” – How To Create One?

Well, Facebook is now back with a bang, adding a new feature to the social site called “Interests Lists“. As the name denotes, this new additional tool allows users to create Lists that contain a list of public figures or bands or pages. It acts as a personalized news feed wherein you can feature content from your favorite things round Facebook.


This new introduction was made quietly on Thursday and Facebook is on the job of rolling out this new tool to all the Facebook users in a matter of time. In a couple of days or weeks, all the Facebook users will get the access to lay their hands on this new tool and start creating Lists.

If you might have noticed, Twitter too sports a similar feature but it’s called “Twitter Lists” and here is “Interest Lists” from Facebook. While it’s opponent, Twitter, allows the users to follow to Lists created by others, Facebook too brings a similar feature. If you created a new Lists titled “Tech News” highlighting content from the top tech giants like Axleration, TechCrunch and so on, your mates on Facebook can subscribe to that list and get content from it.

Once created you will notice a new tab on the left sidebar of your news feed sporting the name “Tech News“. Once you click it, a personalized news feed pops showing content from those pages or public figures that are in that list. Also, you can share the Lists created by you with your friends on Facebook or with the Public.

Well, the above image shows the first List created by me. Titled “Tech Blogs“, this list highlights the latest tech trends from the popular technology giants like TechCrunch, Mashable and a lot more added with Axleration 🙂 If you love to get the latest tech stuff, you can join my List by subscribing here : Tech Blogs

If you want to create your first Interest List on Facebook, you will have to wait until Facebook brings this new tab to the left sidebar in your news feed. But, fortunately, there is a pretty cool trick that will let you create your List right now. Head to any page – Ex. Axleration Facebook fan page. And hover the mouse over the Like button. Once you hover, you will notice that a box pops asking you to create your first Interest List. You can use this trick to make one right now. 😉 Don’t forget to add Axleration page to your first List!

So, what’s your thought? Do you think that Facebook is about to dominate the entire social networking world with the addition of new features each and every month or so. Do you think the newly introduced “Interest Lists” will prove to be a good competition to Twitter? Share your thoughts with us!