Facebook Introduces a Brand New Subscribe Button

Did you read that title? Yeah! Facebook is now releasing a brand new subscribe button with which you can hear updates from people who aren’t your friends! Facebook wrote a blog post titled “Introducing the Subscribe button” in their blog. That’s when I came to know about this new subscribe button introduced by Facebook. As we can see there, Facebook has now started to roll out this new subscribe button to all it’s users.


So What’s This New Subscribe Button About?

This new subsribe button has three main uses. With this button:

  1. You can control what you see in your News Feed
  2. Subscribe to people who are not your friends, and hear their voices!
  3. People can hear your voice, even though they are not your friend!

You have the power to control your News Feed

As the title says, you can control your News Feed and keep it simple. You might be getting a lot of game requests or app updates from your buddies. But now with this new feature, you can just hide all those updates! You can set the options such that you see updates only from your favorite mates and hide other’s posts.

You can also control, what kind of posts you want to see like photos alone and app requests too! You can hide photos from a particular person but see another friend’s photos. And the list goes on.

Subscribe to interesting people

So you find one person interesting but you are not his / her friend? Now, with this new advanced feature you can just hit the “Subscribe” button available in his profile to get the latest updates from that person. This tool is really useful to get the updates and other news from celebrities, artists, political figures and more!

The subscribe button is not available to everyone right now. It is being rolled now to all Facebook users. So if you don’t see a subscribe button in someone’s profile, just don’t get crazy. Wait for a few days and check back again to see the subscribe button.

Others can subscribe to you

Well, now here comes another great feature. With this option, other people can subscribe to you to get the latest updates from you though you are not friends with them. But the thing is that, you must be 18 years old to get yourself subscribed by others.

If you want others to hear you, you must set the default sharing option to public. If a particular post / status is shared only with a few of your friends, your subscribers cannot see that post.

So make sure that you are 18 years old and also that you set the default sharing option to public.

So what do you think about this new update?

That’s it! Hope you like all these new features introduced by Facebook. And also I hope that you like this article. Make sure to share this with your friends on Facebook and also do drop comments below.