Facebook is Trying to be a Central Hub for Music and Videos Online

Facebook is trying out a new feature that will integrate outside media with Facebook profile pages and it is partnering with various companies to make that happen.


The new feature may be a widget or tab on a Facebook profile page. This new feature will display the song the user hears the most in his/her wall and also provide a method for his/her friends to listen to and share those songs. Similarly Facebook will help users share video and television content.

The World’s largest social network is making talks with various music and video companies regarding this new feature of Facebook. Earlier this week, Facebook partnered with Spotify. But the rumors which said that Facebook has chosen Spotify to power a Facebook music service was false. Facebook would not confine them to a single service and talks are going on with multiple firms.

This could turn Facebook into the web’s multimedia center. Imagine how cool it would be when you can actually see what you are friends are hearing or seeing in various media  sites like NetFlix, Pandora, Hulu etc.. You can recommend your friends your favorite stuff and engage more with them. With multimedia content like this users would spend more time with Facebook.

Facebook is trying to become an online operating system. That was  much clear when it acquired the web operating system Parakey in 2007. To be the web’s central dashboard , it greatly needs to have access to music, movies, TV shows and books of its users. This new feature seems might make that happen.

We’ll keep you posted about this new feature of Facebook.