Facebook Messenger for Windows Officially Unveiled

Are you a Facebook addict, who loves to stay online in Facebook always? Do you want your friends to see you online in Facebook, whenever they take a peak at the chat section? If the answers to both these questions is yes, you would probably love this new Facebook application.


As you read in the title, Facebook Messenger is a brand new application for the Facebook users. With this in your hands, you can easily chat with your friend, though you are out of your browser. This standalone application is available for download.

Once opening the application after installation, you will find a Facebook button labeled Log In. On hitting the button, you will get yourself landed in the Facebook Messenger Login page.

There, you can see a notice from Facebook asking you to stay Logged In in Facebook, so that it is possible for you to use this application. Once you enable that feature, you will remain logged in even though you close your browser. If you want to log out, you will have to open up Facebook in your browser and then log out with the drop down button available at the top right.

This messenger app not only allows you to chat, but also pings you of the latest notifications and also provides you with the ticker. When you are about to wonder that you can work in Facebook without using your browser, you will start noticing that once you hit any link either in the ticker or from the notifications, your default browser will automatically open up and land you in the page, sporting the notification.

Also, this Facebook Messenger can be docked to the right side of your desktop screen, by clicking the button available at the bottom right of the application. Once docked, the application will stay right there, while you can do your other jobs. Take a look at the below image to get a better idea how Facebook Messenger gets docked.

This standalone application proves to be a great tool for users who love to use Facebook’s real time features, most. Also, this Facebook Messenger for Windows works only in Windows 7. There is no sign of MAC version yet.