Facebook – New Easy Privacy Settings

Facebook has made it easy to control your privacy. It has made it easy to control what you share with others and is giving you the full control over your privacy. The below content was taken directly from Facebook and I have not modified it, to let you get a better understanding of what Facebook says.

Privacy Controls

The settings you choose control which people and applications can see your information. You can share your information with friends, friends of friends or everyone, and we offer presets to help you do that. Or, if you prefer, you can customize your settings.

Sharing on Facebook

This section controls who can see all the content you post on a day-to-day basis (such as status updates, photos and videos). It also includes some things you share about yourself (birthday and contact information) and content others share about you (comments on your posts and photos and videos you’ve been tagged in). Set these now with one click, and your settings will apply to all the day-to-day content you post in the future. “Customize settings” displays a full list so you can control the privacy level for each setting.

Basic Directory Information

Certain information is visible to everyone because it’s essential to helping people find and connect with you on Facebook.

  • Name and profile picture are visible to everyone so real-world friends can recognize you, and so we can display them when you write on someone’s Wall.
  • Gender is public so we can correctly display your gender (for example, “Add her as a friend.”)
  • Networks are visible to everyone so you can see who else is part of your network (and will have access to your information) before choosing “Friends and Networks” for any of your privacy settings.
Other information in this section, including hometown and interests, is visible by default to help friends and other people you have things in common with connect with you.

Applications and Websites

This section controls what information is shared with websites and applications, including search engines (applications and websites you and your friends use already have access to your name, profile picture, gender, networks, friend list, user ID, and any other information you share with everyone). You can view your applications, remove any you don’t want to use, or turn off platform completely. Turning off platform means you won’t be able to use any platform applications or websites and we won’t share your information with them.


Block Lists

This section lets you block people from interacting with you or seeing your information on Facebook. You can also specify friends you want to ignore application invites from, and see a list of the specific applications that you’ve blocked from accessing your information and contacting you.

For more information check out the full explanation given by Facebook regarding their Privacy settings.

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