A Look at Facebook’s New Sharing Controls

Yeah, as the title says, Facebook has been rolling out the new privacy controls for every Facebook user for the past few days. A few users have already got this new privacy settings whereas the others are getting only now. Facebook is rolling out the privacy settings in a controlled manner to all it’s users. With the rise of Google+ , the new social networking site by Google, Facebook’s has been working much harder to maintain its top spot . Facebook’s has got a big advantage and what’s that?  The User base. Facebook has as much as 700 million daily active users. Google+ on the other hand, got around 20 Million users in just 2 weeks time since it’s emergence! Moreover Google+ seems to have a good set of privacy control features when compared to Facebook.


Well, now let’s get on to the topic. So, should Facebook be sitting idle when it’s rival Google+ keeps adding more features? Of course not! That’s the reason why Facebook has been introducing a quite few handy privacy control settings. So what all changes have been brought in this new update by Facebook?

New Sharing Controls in the Status Box

On logging into your account, your eyes might catch a look at a few changes in the status bar. Facebook has made sharing posts easier and much more secure. And also note that Facebook has removed the “LINK” tab which was near the “ADD PHOTO” tab. The new features in the status bar are :

Tag Your Friends : Hanging out with friends right now? Update your Facebook status with your friend’s name tagged! Now you can say with whom you are hanging out, with ease !


Add Location to your posts : Updating status from your home or from a movie theater? Add location to your Facebook status with this handy tool!

Control your post’s visibility : With this, you can control who should see a particular post and who must not see a particular post. The interesting thing is that you can change the visibility settings even after the post is published!

So what do you think about this new Facebook update? Will this update really prove to be useful for Facebook users? Share your views and voice your thoughts below in the comments section.