Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups – What’s the Difference?

Facebook provides 3 ways to just make presence for people or any organization: a user profile, a Facebook fan page and a facebook group. These 3 social media entities are best for different networking platform as well as marketing opportunities. Facebook is one of the best social networking websites, where people can communicate with each other very easily. Usually, Facebook Pages are used to promote any product, any business, etc. and Facebook groups are used to promote and encourage a common interest. We have already seen that from last 2 years, Facebook is focusing its efforts in supporting Facebook Pages as the strongest and most effective marketing medium of all three.


Facebook Pages allow public information, organizations, any business and other entities to just build and reliable and public presence on Facebook. Facebook Groups are the best place for group communication. People can share their thoughts and common interest, common opinion in facebook groups. People can discuss about a common issue in the facebook group, every user of that particular group can participate in that common discussion. There are some differences between facbook pages and groups.

  • Mass messaging: Mass messaging is possible with the Facebook Groups, while facebook pages do not allow this. Only facebook groups allow this facility.
  • Membership Restrictions: Facebook Groups are allowed to control and manage the membership of the group and also can be Private, Public, and Secret. However facebook pages don’t have facility.
  • Sending Emails: There are some functions available in groups, like sending group emails. Sometimes it becomes difficult to send group emails once you exceed 5,000 group members. Furthermore, when making an event in the group, the Group can send an email to all invited group member, but Pages can only update it in the update bar. This is really very difficult as it has been already seen that very few Users pay a little attention to particularly this feature and the publicity is deniable as a result.
  • Specialities of Facebook Pages: On the other hand facebook pages offer many more services and features for specially personalization. People can make a facebook page more personalized, which is not possible with groups. Groups can never be personalized. Stream posts can be easily targeted by different languages and different locations so people can talk to their targeted market directly.
  • “Facebook Pages can be easily customized”. At the Customization point of view, facebook Pages support for the applications and the promotional widgets. People can make a customized promotional page for their targeted product. Many online marketers take help of facebook pages to make a dedicated page for promoting their products; however marketers also create their business group in the facebook, where they also promote their business and product. One more important component of facebook Pages is the facility to arrange Analytics to just determine the engagement levels of the targeted website.  Facebook is the best social networking website where people can promote their products, update something new about the product and increase the product sale as well as the traffic on their targeted websites.

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