The Facebook Phone Comic by Joy of Tech

Rumors have left this internet abuzz discussing the upcoming Facebook phone from Facebook. Have you ever heard how this all new Facebook phone would look and what features it might come with? Here is a pretty cool, amazing comic from Joy of Tech, predicting the specifications of the upcoming Facebook phone.


According to Joy of Tech, this all new Facebook phone lets you makes calls only to your Facebook friends. This makes the Facebook phone to come without a number pad, as there is no need for typing the numbers. Just tapping your friend’s name, will allow you to make a call to your Facebook friend right from your Facebook phone.

This Facebook phone comes with a wider screen display making it easier to use. Unlike other mobile phones out there, Facebook phone unlocks only if your DNA matches with your samples in Facebook database. You just got to swab-to-unlock.

Poking does indeed become a famous tool, provided you own this Facebook phone. When someone pokes you, this phone will vibrate, acting as a real life poke. PocketEye lets people know how much spare change you have.

Your Facebook friends can now have a peek and steal your conversations that you make with your Facebook phone. Though this is ON by default, you can turn it off by submitting a form 274Q-18B in person to the Facebook Corporation. Facebook will take six weeks time to apply your request, while you will have to keep your phone away. If you use it in the middle, the request will get canceled.

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