Facebook Photos: Now 4x Times Better in Resolution & in Full Screen

The title says it all. Facebook has now brought a big change to the photo viewing experience, giving the users a better way to dig into their friends’ photos. If you happen to log into your Facebook accounts now or very soon, to dig into the photos, you will be surprised to see that Facebook now shows photos 4x times larger, in better resolution. And also, another big update is here. Users can now see the photos in full screen mode!


While Pinterest, one of the fastest growing social photo sharing networks, is getting bigger day by day, Facebook doesn’t seem like being quite on the photos section. From the past few months, Facebook has been working a lot harder than ever on the photos section, making it awesome than ever.

February of the year 2012 witnessed the rolling out a new photo viewer on Facebook. That new one made one remakable change. Facebook adopted the style of Google+ photo viewer. Instead of keeping the comments section at the bottom of the photo, it pushed that section to the right side of the photo.

[stextbox id=”info”]#1 Photos in better resolution[/stextbox]

That was a month back. And on Thursday, Facebook brought the two changes mentioned in the title. Now, when you open a photo in Facebook, if the image can be shown in a better resolution, the Facebook algorithm will try it’s best to show the image in a bigger version, in a better resolution. The image from the Facebook Newsroom highlights the feature.

[stextbox id=”info”]#2 Photos in full screen mode[/stextbox]

The other big change that Facebook brought now is that, users can now see the photos in full screen mode rather than seeing the photos with those text surrounding on all the sides. Taking a look at the photos in full screen mode will allow the easy visibility of photos, without any disturbance.

If you want to enter the full screen mode, you can easily do so by hitting the button available at the top right of the photo in the photo viewer mode. On the other hand, you can hit the “Options” button at the bottom of the photo in the photo viewer mode and then hit the “Full screen” button. The photo viewer will now show in full screen mode with the surrounding areas in black color.

What’s your thought on these two new changes? Worth? Does the loading of bigger resolution images, seem to slow down your photo viewing experience? Do share your thoughts with us below in the comments section.