View Photos on Facebook With Pinterest UI With Friendsheet

Well, in my opinion Pinterest is by far the best photo viewing site I have ever come across in this giant web. The way Pinterest presents the images on the site is really fantastic that, it is the now one of the top web giants out there. While Flickr and other photo viewing sites used to provide small space for photos and dumped the extra large spaces for text and other information, Pinterest made it look different. The folks at Pinterest showed and continue to show, big, large, tempting images at the front, making it look ultra cool. And this is the thing that paved the way for Pinterest to reach the top.


And now, getting back to the title, a pretty impressive application for Facebook has been making records by dumping the photos from Facebook in a format that looks pretty much like that of Pinterest. The man behind this application, Zachary Allia calls this new application’s goal to make it easier for the Facebook photos to stream together with a better visual experience and also with great speed and performance.

Well, you got a Facebook account, right? If yes, you can try out this new cool application and see that it does a lot more jobs too. You can sort out all the photos from the Public section in your feed or dig only into your photos. And also the application is capable of showing your photos in which you have been tagged separately from your original albums.

  • Head to Friendsheet
  • Log into the site with your Facebook account, by enabling the access.
  • The feed pops showing the photos from everyone.
  • At the top left lay few navigation controls that you can use to sort out the photos.
  • At the bottom section of each photo lays the Like button and the Share button. Below them lies the comments section where you can drop in a comment.
  • Clicking on a photo will enlarge the photo in a pop up box and on the right side lay the comments section.

Well, in my opinion an application like Friendsheet is a must for Facebook as it does a great job of presenting the photos in a better visual manner. What’s your thought? And if it surprises you, the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who joined Pinterest, has given a Like to this application on Facebook. 😉